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Question: in UAE,…it is mandatory to have insurance for our cars…therefore we have to do it….and on top of that…the insurance company offers some benefits such as road side…
Question: is it allowed to do currency trading online buying and selling of euros and dollars through internet, we are in india we want to do through the indonesian…
Question: i am a 21 year old lady, working in the insurance industry, however i have been asked to take out a life cover by my fellow colleagues (how can i try and sell the product if i dont even have 1 myself)….
Question: One mobile costs rs 30000 in india and 10000 in us but inU.S it is tied with a telecom service provider due to which such a discount is available the…
Question: Is it a sin to purchase insurance from lenders other that Salaam insurance?, as they are providing a “halal” alternative.
Question: I am head of Purchase a private company.We had an agreement through E-mail with a company for the purchase of certain material at $500/ton.about 2-3 months ago.
Question: If it’s not permissible to give the interest amount to my muslim brother, kindly let me know to whom all I can give the interest amount without the intention of thawaab.
Question: Is it halal to use this kind of debit card?
Question: 1- My conditiion ,,,, i have a shop, I borrowed alot of money from a friend of mine to buy the stuff for the store. Therefore,, i am in debt. and the profit that i gain i use it for my… 2- I read on one of the websites which says that Hz Thanwi has said that a few moments spend in the company of Ahlullah is better than hundred thousands years of optional…
Question: what are the islamic views on me becoming a personel license holder???

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