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Al Majeed
Al Majeed

Question: I have heard that if a boy gaze down as soon as he saw any na-mehram, Allah do his nikah with “Hoore” of Jannah 7 times…….. is it true ? please answer this question with the reference of hadeeth or Quran.
Question: Does one become a kafir in this situation?
Question: Can somebody perform umrah in ramadan or hajj if they have an ongoing loan to pay off in small amounts that will take them the next 15 months but they will have saved enough money on the side for their umrah/hajj?
Question: 1. If someone masturbates before the age of 15 or before having a wet dream, does that make them baligh? 2. If someone masturbates while fasting, will his fast break? will kaffarah be necessary?
Question: How to get closer to Allah?

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