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Al Muqeet
Al Muqeet

Question: I have committed zina multiple times.
Question: Hazrat my mother passed away on 7th of june (may Allah bless her with eternal peace). A couple of questions arose at the time of the funeral.
Question: Is it permissible for one to pay the maher over a period of time with the consent of his spouse?
Question: I am a sister who wanted to ask that I have a condition called Alopecia Areata patches of bald hair and I wanted to ask if I can put hair extensions or false hair. Or any other kind of hair can you please let me know.
Question: I occasionally drink or try the mild drug like marijuanna….I will continue to pray and ask forgivness and assistance in stopping but is it true that for 40days I am not a muslim at all and what i do mean nothing???

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