Naame naami likhtay howa darood likhnaEmaan or ikhlaaq ki jumia dua
Zahir or batin ki safai kay lieyIstighfar walo kay liey khush khabri

Al Mani
Al Mani

Question: “CAN ANYBODY SAY YAZEED “rahmatullah Alaih””. This question was asked someone to my friend…..and he is also convince him to say this………
Question: Dream interpretation
Question: Some one suggested me declare bankruptcy and it is legal in and do not borrow money or pay interest in future. And ask ALLAH to forgive you
Question: Placing a condition of capital return
Question: I was keeping a qadhaa roza and at about 11am I got my period, subsequently I broke my fast, do I have to keep qadhaa of this qadhaa? (I had 6 qadhaa rozas before I started keeping this one, so will I now have six or seven?)

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