Qabar kay azab say hifazat ki duaKhanay kay baad dua say pichlay gunah muaaf
Gunah chand gharia nahi likha jataJabb nazar lagg jaye

Al Malik
Al Malik

Question: im currently studying overseas and i come to south africa for holidays. one of my teachers asked me to buy something for him. he did not have enough money with the business concerned so he asked us to pay the remainder and he will pay me when i come back. how should he pay me?
Question: Is it permissible to uncover the face before brothers in law, cousins and extended family?
Question: i know that student loans are haram because you have to give interest even if it is at the rate of inflation it is still haram. But i only found out that it is haram after i got the loan,
Question: Is it permissible to marry mother-in-laws sister?
Question: Is it a part of Sharīah to clean the kitchen in the morning before cooking?

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