Qayamat mey aman kay lieyDuniya or akhirat mey Allah ki hifazat mey rehnay kay liey
Ahl-o-ayyal ka darr or uss ka elaajHar dor kay musalmano ko Rasool Allah ka salam

Al Muhaymin
Al Muhaymin

Question: If the saliva of the dog came into contact with you clothes. What is the ruling?
Question: profits
Question: Is there a refence in the Hanafi madhhab for the beard being what grows on the jawbone?
Question: i am a muslim woman. during early november 2009, i walked away from home with my kids after a misunderstanding with my husband. i have been away from him since then…
Question: I did not have access to my father’s inheritance for 7 years. How do I calculate Zakat for those years?

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