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Question: I have a question about the Shariah-compliance of an online company that pools your money with other advertisers and shares the profits?
Question: I want to know of any Islamic Finance product in the UAE?
Question: Is life insurance allowed for a Muslim to have and can you give me more detail about it. And the next one is if contraception allow or not?
Question: Is it permissible for me to design solutions for banks, insurance companies, etc
Question: Is it permissible to grade coins or is it gambling?
Question: 1. Will it be ok if I bought shares with ppc who is a cement supplier. I am a hardware retailer, and I have been told that ppc shares have been performing well. 2. I am presently also engaged in the buying and selling of Kruger rands require advise as to whether I could also trade forex trading and selling dollars
Question: I want to study in university, and I wanted to confirm is it Halal for me to get a loan from student finance.
Question: I have some money in the bank and did term deposit and it has some interest on it. I would like to use that interest in charity is that acceptable in Islam could you please give me more information regarding this.
Question: Kindly let me know that does Islam permit us to work in investment bank company like Barklays investment bank and Namura INV B?
Question: Can a businessman for the purpose of cost control hire electricity from an electric thief?

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