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Question: Throughout my work career I have tried to attain a halal job. at times I have felt as I have not done well in the job. Sometimes slacking being lazy or even being rude to customers. Is there any way I can purify my wealth?
Question: I am establishing a Mudharabah which will be called Yaz Capital Partners ( to raise funds to invest in real estate in the United States. I have some questions regarding setting up a business. Would it be permissible to setup the business in this manner?
Question: I have recently started a job but I find it to be very demanding and stressful. My job also involves meeting clients wih mental illnesses whilst I’m alone. Is there any dua that I can recite before going to meet the client alone, that will keep me safe?
Question: At the moment, no one in my family is working other than me. I have a part time job and also go to university full-time. My family is living on welfare, so we don;t have a lot. So my father asks me for money, he expects me to give him some of my money from every pay cheque I get to help him out with the family.
Question: I want to know about the islamic ruling regarding doing business with a company “Speak Asia” is it permissible to invest the company. I have so many friends who are just wanting to invest their money but they are waiting for the islamic ruling about the same.
Question: Am I as a son accountable for any of their misdoings on the day of Qiyaamah ? I have tried various times to remedy the situation but it seems that my mother does not want to listen.
Question: Is the anything dua or wazeefa I can read which will help me find another job asap? Or is there a dua which can make my job bearable? I am not a good seller in the bank because I feel very uncomfortable selling these haraam products and this means I that I get a lot of stress and pressure when I am in branch as I don’t hit target ever. Please help me.
Question: Selling Customer Receivables to a Bank
Question: I am working with an American Title Insurance and Mortgage company in as a process trainer. I have also invested in stock market and Islamic forex. Could you please help and make me understand whether I am in a wrong profession?
Question: Our work is just to get required information about the accident from the person and information about the third party and pass on the information to Law firm, most of our clients are non-Muslims. Would this project be permissible?

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