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Question: Cleaning the Masjid
Question: I am an Imam of a Musjid and require urgent clarification in regards to non-Muslims entering the Musjid, please state the ruling of all the Mazahib.
Question: In Haram-e-Makkah, one Hasanah (good deeds) is equal to one lakh Hasanahs. Is this limited to Ka’ba or all the hudood of Haram?
Question: On what basis should the masjid committee members be selected?
Question: I want to ask that in our village we have a very old jamia mosque. Now we want to re-construct and we have started the construction few days before. When we remove the old structure and start diging underground for blocks we found some graves one side of the mosque.
Question: There is a mosque in a small town. There is a need for the extention of the present masjid.
Question: 1. Is the opinion of 2 Jummah within Hanafi Madhab such a strict restriction for Jummah, that we can opt illegal measures to fulfil it?….2.Is there any scope of permissibility for 2 Jummahs…
Question: My question is with regards to the Adab of Mosque/ Mussalah. We have a small mussalah in our suburb.
Question: Can the Person in Aitekaf (during Ramadan) can sleep in the multi purpose hall to keep the sanctitity of the mosque area?…What is the ruling on sleeping in the Mosque designated area?
Question: i visit mosque five times a day. The imam of that mosque runs a madrassah the students are taught quran inside the praying place. The students also have to give a fee so i wanted to ask that is it a business? if yes then is it allowed to run such business in a mosque??

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