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Can we take commission for business and advertisement through our online booking portal?

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Assalamualaikum Mufti saab, I have started online booking portal of wedding hall, banquet halls caterers & photographers. where customer will selects the venue and pay online through our company. we have tighted up with so many marriage halls, caterers etc and have agreement with them that they will pay us comission on what ever we gave business to them. we are doing marketing, provided website/Mobile App and also improving there business like how and when to give offers, what all facilities they have to provide, enhancements in their business  etc. I have a team with me and my partner is non-muslim. I have decided that whatever profits from the business related to photographers will be going to my non-muslim partner's account. My question is 

Answer :

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuhu.


You state that you have created an online portal through which people can book wedding venues etc. You also offer advice to the companies; you didn’t clearly state the details of the various companies and to what extent you will promote their business and advise them. You serve as an agent for the different companies and take commission for your services.

You can only be an agent in those things that are permissible. It is not permissible to be an agent in a prohibited act. If, for example, you are an agent to book a wedding venue, then that is permissible, you can take commission for that. It is not your responsibility if sins are committed there. However, you can’t be an agent to hire photographers, as that will be directly aiding in sin. In that situation it will not suffice to merely give that income to your non-Muslim partner[1].

If you require further clarity on the issue, you may refer to us on admin@daruliftaa.net (Reference-Bayazeed)

And Allah Ta ‘āla Knows Best


Student – Darul Iftaa



Checked and approved by,

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

07-12-1440 | 09-08-2019


[1] (2/512) فتح باب العناية

الوكالة شرعا تفويض التصرف في لبيع والشراء ونحوهما من انسان الى غيره واقامته مقام نفسه. ومشروعيتها بالكتاب وبالسنة.


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كل عقد جاز ان يعقده الإنسان بنفسه جاز ان يوكل به غيره.


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وکالت ایک عقد اجارہ ہے، اگر اجارہ میں عمل یا وقت اور اجر کی تعیین ہو جاۓ نیز وہ عمل معصیت نہ ہو اور ان طاعات میں سے بھی نہ ہو کہ جن پر اجر لینا نہ جائز ہے تو اجارہ درست ہے.


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وقيل معني الوكالة التفويض والتسليم ومنه التوكل قال الله تعالى و على الله توكلنا يعنى فوضنا اليه امورنا وسلمنا فا لتوكيل

تفويض التصرف الى الغير وتسليم المال اليه ليتصرف فيه ثم للناس الى  هذا العقد حاجة  ماسة فقد ىعجز الإنسان عن حفظ ماله عند خروجه للسفر وقد يعجز عن التصرف فى ماله لقلته هدايته وكثرة اشتغاله، او لكثرة ماله فيحتاج الى تفويض التصرف الى الغير بطريق الوكالة، وقد عرف جواز هذا العقد بالكتاب والسنة.


  (11/272) الأصل

و اذا وكل الرجل رجلا ببيع له فهو جائز


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