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Question: The works of Maulana Ashraf Thanvi
Question: Is it permissible for a Shafi’ee Muqtadee to perform the Fardh Salaah of Esha behind a Hanafi Imam of Taraweeh.
Question: My question is regarding Taqleed. From what I understand, we the ahlus-Sunnah believe that taqleed of any one of the 4 Imaams is Waajib. This Wujoob was due to the …
Question: I want to ask that what is the difference in Offering the Mo-akada and Non-Moakada Sunnah in Prayers ?
Question: Is there truth in the statement that Imaam Muhammad (RH) is alleged to have said “If my companion (Imaam Abu Hanifah [RH]) knew what I know now, he would have changed two thirds of his Madh-hab”
Question: I still feel confused about this because you gave examples of imam shafi’i’s and imam Abu hanifa’s teaching about bleeding and wudu. Why is it that we have to follow a single imam?
Question: 1. a friend of mine wants to go to safr of 40 days in the rah of allah (in tabligh jamaat). he is of nearly 28 yrs old and married. but his parents are not allowing him to do so as….2. many deobandhi scholars have declared dr. zakeer naik as fitna. accroding to them though he tries to bring the true face of islam in front of the world with his lectures which is
Question: i am in a slight dilemma. I went to Pakistan in 2006 and bought a book on Syedna Imam Ali (KW), by a Sunni author, professor Masud-ul-Hassan. I now feel that so far I have been exposed to a side which disregards Muhammad SAW’s family…
Question: one point is making me very uncomfortable, i.e. Jamood in taqleed. I have read comments of various scholors …That if a Mufti finds his madhab contradicting a sahih hadeeth then after fulfilling certain conditions he should follow the opinion of any of the other 3 documented madhahibs that goes with the hadeeth.
Question: can a shafee scholar pray behind ahanafi scholareven though he toucheshiswife and then leads the salah ? jazakAllah khair

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