A small course of essential duas is developed by Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) Ta'limi Board. This course is divided into Levels and Grades which makes it very easy to learn. These set of duas are essential in a life of a muslim. As our prophet Muhammad ﷺ has taught us the complete way of spending life in this world. He taught dua for every event in daily life, we should learn all these duas and recite them on their respective occassion.
Beginners Level  »   
Advance Level
  Grade One
    » At the time of anger
    » When a dog barks
    » When a donkey brays
    » When welcoming someone
    » When intending to do something
  Grade Two
    » Morning and evening dua
    » Repentance before sleeping
    » When seeing a Muslim laugh
    » Eating with a person who has disease
  Grade Three
    » When things are in ones favor
    » An evil thought comes to mind
    » When afflicted with a calamity
    » Death on Imaan
    » Dua in qauma
    » Dua when the sun rises

  Grade Four
    » Dua after iftaar
    » When wearing new clothes
    » When eating elsewhere
    » When beginning a journey
  Grade Five
    » For protection from calamities
    » Dua for protection from harm
    » Dua for protection from Qiyaamah
    » Dua for relief from worries and debts
  Grade Six
    » Before laying on bed before sleeping
    » At the time of a thunderclap
    » When one experiences something evil
    » When a fire breaks out
  Grade Seven
    » Dua of Hazrat Abu Darda
    » After slaughtering
    » Completing the Quraan

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